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Get 10% Off your purchase! Use code CSUSA1776 *some exclustions may apply.

Forward Cntrls Chrome Softail 18 Up

SKU 750-04110
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$1,148.98 - $1,148.98
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  • HHI?leads the market with the new 2018-up M8 Softail Forward Control Kit that delivers a sleek styling and unequaled value.

  • Features a unique 3-way front-to-back adjustable position to suit almost any rider to provide maximum comfort.?

  • 11/16" Master cylinder bore size is compatible with the stock rear caliper.?

  • Both the shifter and brake pivot assemblies incorporate dual-sealed bearings and bushings, providing smooth actuation with long-term reliability

  • HHI Forward Control Kits fit all 2018 M8 Softail applications, including the Breakout, Fatboy, Deluxe, Heritage and Slim models.?

  • Bikes with ABS will require the Brake Line Adapter Kit #750-04112 (manf #BHK-040-B)??

  • Available in Chrome or Black with Contrast Cut, with or without slotted arms.?

  • Made in the U.S.A.

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