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***Unlock 10% Off Your First Order (exclusions may apply) ***
***Unlock 10% Off Your First Order (exclusions may apply) ***

Cycle Stop USA - Custom Builds


We'll add to your ride or build from scratch.

We have what it takes to customize your ride.

We have over 40 years of experience is customizing every type of motorcycle. Whether, you need need extra additions to make it truly yours or want a complete build from the frame out, we have what it takes to meet every one of your expectations. 

Complete Builds

New Suspensions

Frame Rake Service 

Chrome & Powder Coating

Motor Upgrades

OEM & Aftermarket Parts

Contact Us

364 Builds

Call us to get on the schedule

(813) 754-2959

Jason Hallman - Owner

Hi, I'm Jason Hallman,  journalist, podcaster, and award winning custom motorcycle builder. I also own Cycle Stop USA in beautiful Lakeland, Florida.


If you're looking to add some custom style to your bike or want a complete build, then consider Cycle Stop USA. Our skilled staff will meticulously craft a ride that is as unique as your personality.  We use a blend of OEM and aftermarket components and only partner with the best talent; please check out our Collections Page to see a list of preferred vendors.


I look forward to getting you back on the road in style. His passion lies in customizing each bike to mirror the personality of its owner, enhancing the beauty of the machine.

So, how does this custom thing work?

Give Us A Call

Call, email, or stop in (if you're in the area) to go over what you'd like customized.

We'll Talk Budget and Time

Once, we know what you'd like done, we'll be better able to put a prince and timeline on it. Note, some customization may require a down-payment for parts.

We Get to Work

Depending on what you want done, and how long we have to wait on parts and third-party vendors, most customization take 1 to 2 weeks. Note, full builds can take up to three months.

Come Get Your Ride!

Once, we're all set, we'll give you a call to come get your ride, so you can get back on the road!

Cycle Stop USA - Our Favorite Builds

Combat Hero #3

Build by Keith Thompson. Paint by 53 Grafix (Danny Yannone). Build started with 2003 Road King outfitted with Frankenstein trike kit, tandem braking system developed by Keith Thompson and custom Nero bars by Keith Thompson

Cuba Libre’ Pro Street

Started with a frame and a grande idea. 

Townsend Victory Big Wheel

Custom paint by 53 Grafix (Danny Yannone).

frequently asked questions

1.How long does it take to customize my bike

We'll that all depends on what you want done and what parts we need to order. If you're looking for basic updates, a few days to a week. If you're looking for an overhaul, then a few weeks to a month.

2. How much does customizing cost?

That all depends on what you want done. Give us a call, we'll go over your requests and build you a quote.

3. What can you customize?

Our staff is pretty savvy; we've yet to find a ride we can't make better. So, let us know what you want and we'll find a way to make it work.

4. Can you customize engines?

Sure we can. However, all states have regulations, and we have to follow them.

5. Do I need to drop off or can you pick up?

If you close by, but can't get in, we can swing by to pick up your ride. No Worries.

6. Does customizing add value to my bike?

The short answer is yes. However, some costs may not be recooped at the time of sale due to market or hoolies wanting a bargain.