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***Unlock 10% Off Your First Order (exclusions may apply) ***
***Unlock 10% Off Your First Order (exclusions may apply) ***

Hydraulic Hp+ Roller Lifters

Original price $189.95 - Original price $189.95
Original price
$189.95 - $189.95
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  • Performance hydraulic roller lifters

  • Optimized oil flow to top end - valves, springs, rockers, shafts & valve guides

  • Cooler oil and reduced wear

  • Extends life of top end valve gear

  • CNC machined and precision ground

  • Drop in replacement for stock lifters

  • Dyno developed and track tested

  • Recommended for use with the Feuling? Oil Pump or comparable high volume oil pump

  • Made in the U.S.A.

BuellM2 Cyclone1997
BuellM2 Cyclone1998
BuellM2 Cyclone1999
BuellRS1200/5 Westwind1991
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BuellRSS1200 Westwind1991
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BuellS1 Lightning1995
BuellS1 Lightning1996
BuellS1 Lightning1997
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Harley DavidsonXL1200C Sportster 1200 Custom1997
Harley DavidsonXL1200C Sportster 1200 Custom1998
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Harley DavidsonXL1200S Sportster Sport1997
Harley DavidsonXL1200S Sportster Sport1998
Harley DavidsonXL1200S Sportster Sport1999
Harley DavidsonXL883C Sportster 883 Custom1999
Harley DavidsonXLH1200 Sportster 12001991
Harley DavidsonXLH1200 Sportster 12001992
Harley DavidsonXLH1200 Sportster 12001993
Harley DavidsonXLH1200 Sportster 12001994
Harley DavidsonXLH1200 Sportster 12001996
Harley DavidsonXLH1200 Sportster 12001997
Harley DavidsonXLH883 Sportster 8831992
Harley DavidsonXLH883 Sportster 8831993
Harley DavidsonXLH883 Sportster 8831994
Harley DavidsonXLH883 Sportster 8831995
Harley DavidsonXLH883 Sportster 8831996
Harley DavidsonXLH883 Sportster 8831999
Harley DavidsonXLH883D Sportster 883 Deluxe1992
Harley DavidsonXLH883D Sportster 883 Deluxe1993
Harley DavidsonXLH883H Sportster 883 Hugger1995
Harley DavidsonXLH883H Sportster 883 Hugger1996
Harley DavidsonXLH883H Sportster 883 Hugger1999
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Harley-DavidsonXL883D Sportster 883 Deluxe1994
Harley-DavidsonXL883D Sportster 883 Deluxe1995
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Harley-DavidsonXLH1200 Sportster 12001999
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Harley-DavidsonXLH883 Sportster 8831997
Harley-DavidsonXLH883 Sportster 8831998
Harley-DavidsonXLH883D Sportster 883 Deluxe1991
Harley-DavidsonXLH883H Sportster 883 Hugger1991
Harley-DavidsonXLH883H Sportster 883 Hugger1992
Harley-DavidsonXLH883H Sportster 883 Hugger1993
Harley-DavidsonXLH883H Sportster 883 Hugger1994
Harley-DavidsonXLH883H Sportster 883 Hugger1997
Harley-DavidsonXLH883H Sportster 883 Hugger1998