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***Unlock 10% Off Your First Order (exclusions may apply) ***

Cycle Stop USA - Springtime


Make sure you're not stuck on the side of the road.

Springtime means motorcycle maintenance

Winter is over, the sun is out, and it's perfect riding conditions. But, before you head to parts unknown make sure you've done a complete inspection of your bike. Below is a list of areas we suggest you look over and tasks you should complete to give you a good riding foundation. 


Before you start your bike, take a stroll around it looking for any leaks on the ground or worn/loose parts. We also suggest changing your oil, checking your brake fluid, and making sure your gas tank is full. Gas can evaporate during the colder months, so make sure the tank is free of silt; you might have to drain the tank and check the fuel system before filling up.


Make a visual inspection of your bike's brakes, chain, and air filter, making sure they're not worn and free of debris. Next, charge your battery; if you've kept your battery in storage over the Winter, it's most likely drained of power. Now, check those tires, like your battery, tires are notorious of losing pressure when cold. Also, make sure your tires are free of cracks, deep nicks, and dry rot.


It's also smart to review your cables and electrical; cables can become loose or sticky when not used, while your electrical system can become corroded. Lastly, we suggest giving your ride a nice wash; not only does it make your bike shine, it also removes any debris highlighting any minor issues not seen on the first walk-around.

Visual Check

Drain & Refill Fluids

Check Brakes 

Clean Air Filters

Charge Battery

Inspect Tires

Clean Chains

Check Cables

Wash Your Bike

Shop Parts

Don't have time to give your bike a tuneup? No worries. If you're in the Lakeland, Florida area just give us a call; we'll get you on our schedule asap, so you can get riding. 

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