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things you should know

Question:  If my motorcycle is still under factory warranty, aren't I required to let the factory dealership maintain my bike?
Answer:  No you are not!  The 1975 Magnusson/Moss act prevents manufacturers from "tie-in" sales provisions and allows consumers to chose their own service provider.  (Click the link above for more information)

Question:  What if I have an extended service contract?  Can Cycle Stop USA honor my Harley extended warranty?
Answer:  Yes!  We honor Harley Extended Service warranty repairs using factory replacement and approved parts.

Question:  Is there a charge for using my extended Harley Warranty at Cycle Stop USA?
Answer:  The only charge you will incur is your standard service plan deductible (usually $50.00 plus tax).

Question:  Why do you recommend Red Line synthetic oil?
Answer:  An oil's base stock determines whether or not it is a synthetic oil.  Many of the most popular brands of oils on the market claim to be synthetics when in fact, they actually aren't.  Red Line Oil uses Polyolester for its base stock. Polyolester is the finest base stock available on the market and it is very stable under working loads consistently delivered in a motorcycle engine.  It also works best under extreme heat conditions.  We have seen a typical air-cooled Harley engine exceed 100,000 miles using Red Line Oil.

Question:  My friend uses Car tires on his bike...is this safe?
Answer:  No it is not!  In fact any shop that would install a car tire on a motorcycle rim is asking for a lawsuit.  Car tires have a different shape bead (this is the part of the tire that seats to the rim) than a motorcycle tire does.  Also, the motorcycle tire's sidewall plays an integral role in the suspension of the motorcycle especially in cornering.  A motorcycle tire "rolls" while a car tire simply "turns".  It is important not to mix the two under any circumstances.

Question:  Do you service Big Dog Choppers and American Ironhorse Choppers?
Answer:  Yes we do!  In fact, we are one of the most knowledgeable independent shops in the country regarding Baker Drivetrain transmissions and S&S Cycles engines.  We are also a factory direct parts supplier for both manufacturers and can get your steed back on the road quickly and at a reasonable cost.


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